Home Celebrity News Pete Edochie Tells it All in this Interview #WithChude | Watch

Pete Edochie Tells it All in this Interview #WithChude | Watch

Pete Edochie Tells it All in this Interview #WithChude | Watch

This episode of #WithChude is a tell-all interview between Chude Jideonwo and Nollywood veteran Pete Edochie. He opened up about his early years as an actor, Yul and May Edochie’s marriage, gender roles, and the rate of divorce in the Nollywood industry.

Here’s what Chude had to say about his interview with the Nollywood legend.

The man. The symbol. The legend.

I confess my awe of Pete Edochie. This is a man so self-assured, so self-contained, so abundant in his sense of self that for about 4 decades he has remained one of the brightest Nigerian stars – across generations, across eras, across formats.

And he gave me a gift – answering every question I asked, from a drunken accident in his youth to his kidnap, losing his broadcasting job to taking the leap into acting. From Yul to May, why he never married another wife to gender roles. From his opinion of Genevieve Nnaji to divorces in the Nollywood industry. From Christian Chukwu to Femi Otedola, Peter Obi to Obafemi Awolowo. Is there any subject under the son we did not cover – in the almost five hours I spent at his home?

Pete Edochie like you’ve never seen, heard, or heard about him ever before.

Watch parts of the interview below:

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