Home Celebrity News How Olu Jacobs dragged me into becoming an actor –Uche Elendu, Nollywood star and Killer-Curves CEO – The Sun Nigeria

How Olu Jacobs dragged me into becoming an actor –Uche Elendu, Nollywood star and Killer-Curves CEO – The Sun Nigeria

How Olu Jacobs dragged me into becoming an actor –Uche Elendu, Nollywood star and Killer-Curves CEO – The Sun Nigeria

…Says her father discovered she’s acting on billboard after 5 movies

By Agatha Emeadi

Uche Elendu is a Nigeria Nollywood actor, singer, entrepreneur and the CEO of Killer-Curves beauty store. Her journey into her profession was not planned as she stumbled on the scene; but had to hit the ground running immediately which also favoured her. In a short time, she became the most consistent face in the industry and has remained so for many years.



What attracted you into the entertainment industry?

Well, growing up, I loved to watch movies. I cannot boldly say I wanted to be an actor, but I stumbled on acting without preparation just like that. It will be interesting to tell you that I had a very good friend while in secondary school who is a daughter of a renowned actor. While we lived and grew up in Lagos, but as I became a student of Imo State University, Owerri, I had to travel both ways either returning to school or Lagos on holidays. So, while I was returning home to Lagos on a particular holiday, my friend gave me a parcel to give to her dad. When I got to her dad, fortunately or unfortunately, it was at an auditioning ground where great actors like Olu Jacobs were also on set. When I introduced myself to deliver the parcel; they were quite impressed with the way I spoke and immediately, Olu Jacobs said, ‘she would make a good actor.’ I said no, I am too shy to be an actor, but instantly, they gave me a script which I read and according to them, they said I read it perfectly and that turned me into an instant perfect cast they were looking for in the film: ‘Fear of the Unknown’ in 2001. So, when I got home, I told my mum about my encounter and she instantly dismissed my discussion because she knew my father would not agree to it. “She said: Haaa, your father is a strict man and would not hear of this one.”  Like most parents of those days, he was a great advocate of professional courses like doctor, lawyer, engineer etc. He sees acting as something not serious that his daughter would take up as a career. So, somehow, I found myself in the set of that film and that was my debut which paved  way for me in Nollywood.


How did you rise to stardom?

I would say I had a lot of movies from 2001 through 2010, it was back-to-back of very good movie, playing prominent roles and most of my movies were giving me the fame and the background of being a seasoned actor. But I would also say that ‘Rose-kate and John-bull’ was one movie that made me a household name. I stared along Nkem Owoh, it was a comedy where I appeared as a Rev. Sister and everybody seems to love that movie; it was that same movie that gave me the name ‘Rose-kate’. I would say that was my major breakthrough.

How has the society treated you as a celebrity?

Well, stardom has come with a lot of goodies because it has paved way for me and opened doors as well. It has made me to meet a lot of prominent people, give back to the society in my own little way and do what I love to do while earning a living from it. But it has also brought me some down side because there are things that I would love to do that I cannot do anymore because I am a celebrity. I have a lot of people that feel as a celebrity I am not supposed to live my life for people. Though I have cars, but on a normal day, I would love to hop on a motor-bike and go to where I am going to; but I cannot do that anymore. But I have not forgotten my experience the day I tried it. I was running late for a flight, with this traffic that was not moving at all; I hopped on a bike to get to the airport; people were chasing me, wanting me to give them something; they were screaming and it was quite embarrassing and exciting as well because I saw that people love me and appreciate what I do.

What doors has being a celebrity opened for you?

I am brand ambassador for many companies, lead surrogacy, Flora cosmetics. Also, in my kitty is influencing for different brands; some have not been signed up till now, some have been signed off over the years. I have sat and dined with king and queens from being a celebrity.

Talk about your chieftaincy title?

In November 2019, I was conferred with a chieftaincy title ‘Ada-di-Ebube 1’ of Lagos by Eze (Dr) John, Eze Ndigbo 1 of Mushin. My conferment and crown as Ada-di-Ebube entails maintaining and preserving the Igbo culture in Lagos, giving back to the society and setting good examples for people.

What advice would you give to upcoming actors?

First and foremost, I would tell them to be themselves and not be restricted because most people do not identify what they want, love and enjoy doing. The most important thing is for one to be making money with what you are passionate about, and that way, the person would put in his or her best. Most people really do not love acting, but just want to be famous, wanting people to see them on the screen, get connections and etc, and this is the reason most of them delve into acting; and will not give their best. Being the best at what you do is very important. I always tell them to identify what they want, work on themselves and do their best.

What is the reaction of your ‘strict’ father now that you are a celebrity in the entertainment industry?

When I told my mum on my first day, she said Haa, I hope you know your father would never allow you to become an actor. But luckily for me, my father who worked with Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) was transferred to Port Harcourt then while the family was still in Lagos. So, with constant building, Larry Cole’s wife called my mother and spoke to her for permission which she granted, but warned that I should not call her name when my father would roar. So, I went and did that movie. In fact, I had done five movies before my father discovered that I was an actor.

How did he discover eventually?

While in school at Imo State University, my father was in Port Harcourt, so I go to Port Harcourt almost every weekend. Those early years were the days of advertising film with posters and bill board. My father was always telling me that his colleagues would tell him ‘I saw somebody that looks like your daughter on a poster and bill board, is she an actor? he would say no; my daughter can never be an actor. One of the days, I was in his car, we were driving to his office, we saw my poster and surprisingly he asked me, Nneoma, this person on this poster looks like you, are you sure you are not the one? I said Daddy and started laughing; he looked at me with mixed feelings and became very angry that I did not tell him; at the same time very happy that I have already made a name in a short time.

Talk about your growing up, parents and siblings?

I am the first and only girl-child of my parents. My father is a retired civil servant from NPA while my mother is a retired headmistress. I grew up in a very strong Christian home with religiously devoted parents at the background who believe in bringing up their children in the way of the Lord. My parents gave my brothers and I the best of education and also ready to see us through it the more. Growing up, I was not an outgoing child, I was not an extrovert instead introvert and I am a very private person. As an only girl, I was made to stay at home and take care of my brothers. I attended Federal Government Girls College, FGGC Owerri and then Imo State University, also in Owerri, the Imo state capital.

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