Home Celebrity News Herdsmen Producer Highlights Secret To The Film’s Success Abroad

Herdsmen Producer Highlights Secret To The Film’s Success Abroad

Herdsmen Producer Highlights Secret To The Film’s Success Abroad

Chloe Toka, the Producer of Herdsmen, a Nigerian film which has garnered 22 award nominations at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival has revealed the secret to the movie’s international success.

The secret she said, is its commitment to cultural authenticity, exploration of topical social issues storytelling skills.

The reportedly arduous-to-film action flick beams a searchlight on ongoing banditry and kidnapping in Northern Nigeria, which has fast spread to the southern parts of the country, exposing the lies and conspiracies behind it.

The story centers around a retired assassin, Khalifa, forced to return to his past life when his niece was kidnapped by a notorious and wealthy bandit group helped by Zakari. But securing her safe release from his sworn enemy, seeking his pound of flesh is no easy task.

In an exclusive interview with LEADERSHIP Flavour, Toka said, “it is truly a humbling and gratifying  experience to be recognized for our hard work and dedication to this project. To have our film acknowledged by such a prestigious film festival is a dream come true for our entire production team. It validates the passion and commitment that each member of the cast and crew poured into making Herdsmen a reality.

“What makes the movie truly unique is its commitment to cultural authenticity and its exploration of important social issues. We put a lot of effort into researching and portraying the region of northern Nigeria with respect and accuracy, showcasing the rich traditions and customs that are often overlooked in mainstream cinema. These not only enhanced the film’s visuals but also makes it more meaningful and immersive experience for the audience. The film’s protagonist, a retired assassin seeking redemption and protecting his family, adds a layer of complexity as well as emotional depth that sets it apart from the typical action film.

“By delving into this multifaceted perspective, Herdsmen sought to create a more nuanced and empathetic understanding of the challenges faced by those affected by terrorism. It provided a platform to discuss broader issues related to insecurity and the complexities of the Nigerian society. Our intention was to spark conversations, promote empathy, and encourage positive change by addressing the subject matter responsibly and authentically.

“Throughout the production  we were driven by the belief in the power of storytelling as a means of advocacy. The recognition and impact of the film at the festival validated the importance of the film’s message.”

Professionally, Toka is dedicated to creating projects that address women’s issues, children’s welfare, and the African continent. It is a testament to her belief on the storytelling for inspiring, enlightening, educating and advocating for positive change.

Her other works include multiple award winning short films Zafi and Agogo, and episodic series like Farm Houz. She was also instrumental in the production of acclaimed Nigerian feature films as Kada River, The Takers and Underbelly. However, it is her latest film Herdsmen that’s received special attention.


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