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Connect. Learn. Grow: Introducing the New Hospitality APIs Innovation OPEN Forum

Connect. Learn. Grow: Introducing the New Hospitality APIs Innovation OPEN Forum

  Connect. Learn. Grow: Introducing the new Hospitality APIs Innovation OPEN Forum

Oracle Hospitality;

Back in 2020 (and even before), Oracle Hospitality embarked on a mission to elevate the standard of Hospitality Technology in three crucial areas:

1. Overall Product Features of OPEN APIs

2. Overall Commercial Model for Integrations

3. Overall Developers’ Experience in their relationship with Oracle Hospitality

In this blog post, I will specifically focus on the third point and delve into our accomplishments and upcoming initiatives aimed at providing innovators out there with the most open community possible. Over a year ago, we shared this update, highlighting the rapid progress we were making within our Hospitality OHIP (Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform) Partner Innovation Community.

To summarize, by March 2022, we had achieved the following milestones:

– 1100 worldwide developers

– 250 vendors actively developing on OHIP

– Approximately 80k exchanged messages

But we didn’t stop there. The current statistics of our community as of July 2023 showcase the following advancements:

– 3000 worldwide developers

– 750 vendors actively developing on OHIP

– Approximately 300k exchanged messages

These growth numbers, coupled with the speed at which partners are embracing our Hospitality Cloud Marketplace, validate that we are on the right track. However, several questions continued to occupy our thoughts:

– What more can we do to foster collaboration among innovators?

– How can we expedite the readiness of companies?

– How can we achieve a fully open collaboration within our community?

Ensuring our processes and tools are as open and collaborative as possible has been a fundamental part of OHIP’s vision since its inception. Therefore, expanding the openness of our community to vendors was an obvious choice…

Today, we are thrilled to announce an exciting update to our Partner Community by introducing the OPENforum channel and a redesigned experience for developers. Within the OPENforum, technology vendors, system integrators (SIs), Oracle Hospitality resellers, and the Oracle Hospitality team will be able to collaborate without barriers. Through this open and collaborative forum, we aim to encourage further collaboration, increase product feedback, and significantly reduce the already short “time to market” for early adopters.

With this change, once again, we redefine the essence of OPEN collaboration within the Hotel Technology innovation sphere.

Fabricio Titiro

Fabricio Titiro is the Director of Product Management, Hospitality Partnerships  for Oracle Hospitality. Connect with Fabricio on LinkedIn.


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