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AI Insights: Generative AI for multimodal travel

AI Insights: Generative AI for multimodal travel

Multimodal ground transportation platform Omio is launching a plugin for ChatGPT, which enables users to query searches for trains, buses, flights and ferries in conversational form. 

Tomas Vocetka is Omio’s chief technology officer and is leading the company’s work with generative AI and specifically ChatGPT. Vocetka is the latest industry leader to offer to offer his insights on generative AI and its impact on the travel industry.

began working with generative AI in …
December 2022! The launch of ChatGPT to the broader public
was a clear signal that this technology was about to hit the prime time. For us
at Omio, we always try to innovate for our consumers, so we investigated what
real-world benefits generative AI could have for travelers. We started
building, and we are really proud to have launched the Omio
plugin for ChatGPT
. This is the first-of-its-kind plugin that allows users
access to information across all modes of transport globally; users can query
ChatGPT for the cheapest and fastest travel, before being redirected to Omio
where they can book.

Our current work with generative AI is focused on … watch this space! We
generally don’t share what we’re building before we launch, but as a
product-first company, we are constantly exploring the multiple ways that our
users can experience and benefit from the power of generative AI when looking
for the best travel options. We’ll be improving our plugin, making sure it
always shows the best options and is serving user needs. We’ve also been
exploring implementing generative AI into our platform directly, ensuring we
are hyper-relevant to our users and can deliver better information.
Additionally, we’ve introduced generative AI tools into our software
engineering toolbox.

The biggest challenge for us related to generative AI is … bridging the
gap between the advances of technology and the readiness of users for
experiencing them. We have to remember that there are people on the other side
of the screen and therefore ensure that what we build serves them and that we
don’t just build things we find cool because of the technology. Discovering the
best way our users can benefit from generative AI in the travel domain is the
most exciting problem we are solving right now.  

For the travel industry overall, we see the most potential for generative AI
to …
provide users with a much richer opportunity to explore exponential
options during their travel planning and booking process, while presenting them
with hyper-personalized results, based on their specific needs.  

One year from now we expect to be using generative AI for … delighting
users as a knowledgeable, respectful and always-available companion who will
support them at all stages of their travel.

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